Bathmate Clean

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Sexual hygiene isn’t just about partners, it’s about your sex toys. Bathmate Clean is an effective, totally antibacterial sex toy cleaner designed for total compatibility with silicone and rubber, while being absolutely body safe.

Whether you’re looking to clean your sex toys or your Hydromax penis pump, Bathmate Clean ensures total cleanliness, and is certified skin-safe (just keep it out of your eyes - this can cause irritation).

Bathmate Clean is totally paraben free, and contains < 5% non-ionic surfactants - anionic surfactants: Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone. Before or after use, just spray Bathmate Clean directly onto the surface of the toy, rub it in, then wipe with a damp cloth (or water) and dry.

If you’re a fan of anal toys, you might be interested in our brand-new Bathmate Anal Toy Cleaner (exclusively available through the Bathmate Pleasure collection), the first product on the market specifically made to keep anal toys totally hygienic.


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