3 Year Extended Warranty

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When you buy one of the world’s best penis pumps, you should feel secure in your purchase. That’s why we offer a completely free 2-year manufacturer warranty on all of our hydropumps, protecting you against any defects or malfunctions for your pump. If you’re looking for longer-lasting security, we offer a collection of Extended Bathmate Warranties for all of our pumps.

This 3-year warranty option adds a full extra year’s worth of protection for any of our pumps, from our original Hydro7 to our ultra-powerful HydroXtreme range. All of our warranty options cover malfunctions and manufacturing issues, but don’t cover any damage you cause to the pump.

Your warranty starts off the day you receive your pump, whichever of our options you’ve chosen, giving you security right from the start. To get fully protected, however, you’ll have to Register your Bathmate using the unique PID number on each pump.

We take data security very seriously, so we completely erase customer data 800 days after your purchase, unless you’ve brought an extended warranty - we’d need to keep your data longer to provide you with lasting support.



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