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Looking to make your hydropump routine even more productive? Our brand-new HydroVibe is the perfect addition to your pump workout, adding new sensations and even better results by combining vibration therapy with the water-based power of our pumps.

Attached around the bellows of any of our Hydromax penis pumps, the HydroVibe includes two powerful, detachable completely rechargeable bullet vibrators placed on each side of the pump. When you start out your routine, just turn these on, and you’ll start to experience ultra-powerful vibration. This results in an even better level of gains from your workout!

The HydroVibe itself is made of body-friendly silicone, while the two vibrators (available separately as the Bathmate VIBE Bullet) are completely IPX7 waterproof, and each offer 10 vibration patterns. With each unit adjustable separately, there’s an incredible 100 different options for the HydroVibe - find a pattern that really works for you.

Along with the performance increases that the HydroVibe enables, there’s a few other key benefits. The vibration created by HydroVibe results in muscle relaxation, the release of natural hormones and chemicals like serotonin, dopamine & encephalin, and helps make you less tired and more relaxed.


Customer Reviews

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darren s. (United States)


C B. (Australia)

Excellent very happy

Jag (Canada)
Great product and customer service

As a long-time user of Bathmate's innovative pumps, I've consistently been impressed with their products. However, my recent encounter with the Bathmate Hydrovibe has taken my satisfaction to new heights. Allow me to share my experience and highlight why Bathmate is a brand worth relying on.

Having used Bathmate pumps for several years, I had high expectations when I purchased the Bathmate Hydrovibe. Needless to say, this product exceeded all of my hopes. The Hydrovibe offers an unparalleled level of pleasure and performance that left me astounded.

The Hydrovibe combines the benefits of a traditional pump with the added stimulation of a vibrator, taking the experience to an entirely new level. The pulsating vibrations enhanced the sensations and provided an incredibly intense and pleasurable experience. It's an outstanding addition to Bathmate's product lineup.

While the overall functionality and performance of the Hydrovibe were exceptional, I did encounter a minor issue with one of the vibrators. However, my concerns were swiftly addressed when I contacted Bathmate's customer service. They were prompt, courteous, and efficient in their response.

I was pleasantly surprised by the level of customer support provided. Not only did Bathmate acknowledge the issue, but they also promptly shipped a replacement product, ensuring that I received it faster than expected. The level of care and commitment they demonstrated reaffirmed my trust in Bathmate as a reliable brand.

Throughout the years, Bathmate has consistently proven its dedication to customer satisfaction. They continue to innovate, providing users with products that not only deliver exceptional results but also offer a heightened level of pleasure and enjoyment. With their exceptional customer service, Bathmate has solidified itself as a brand that truly values its customers.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Bathmate and their Hydrovibe to anyone seeking an extraordinary pumping experience. Bathmate has continually impressed me with their commitment to quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service. They have undoubtedly earned my loyalty, and I am confident that they will exceed your expectations as well.


The Bathmate Hydrovibe offers an unmatched level of pleasure and performance.
The addition of pulsating vibrations elevates the experience to new heights.
Bathmate's customer service is prompt, courteous, and efficient, ensuring a positive experience.

Minor issue with one of the vibrators, but promptly resolved by customer service.
Overall, Bathmate's Hydrovibe has exceeded my expectations, solidifying Bathmate as a brand I trust and highly recommend.


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