Shower Strap

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Our Hydromax penis pumps are all designed to be easily used in the shower or bath, opening up real gains and convenience. However, if you’re trying to concentrate on your shower rather than just focusing on your hydropump routine, this can sometimes prove difficult. The Bathmate Shower Strap completely takes away this difficulty, letting you use your pump totally hands-free.

Attachable to any one of our penis pumps via a universal connector, the Bathmate Shower Strap is attached to your pump, then placed around your neck. Once that’s done, just start off with your normal penis pumping routine - once everything’s fully set up, you’ll be able to shower without worrying about the pump.

Ideal for any one of our hydropump models, the Bathmate shower strap does come included with every one of our high-powered HydroXtreme models, and can be purchased in the discounted accessory kit available with all of our other options.



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